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1. Copy the downloaded cab-file into a directory of your choice in your Pocket PC.
2. Execute from this directory the cab-file.
3. Accept my license terms

4. Do only install this driver into the device.
5. Perform a reset to finsih the installation.

6. Configure GPStant according the user manual.

After a successful installation of GPStant the cab-file may be deleted on the Pocket PC without limiting the functionality of GPStant.

During installation of GPStant the following four files are installed:
GPStant.dll at \Windows contains the driver routines
GPStant.cpl at \Windows contains the configuration menu
GPStant.prf at \Windows contains your profile data
The file within \Windows\AppMgr\Juergen GPStant is needed for deinstallation.

Within the directory
all profile independent configurations of GPStant are stored